Welcome to Well Woman Co.

Reclaiming our well-being one cycle at a time.

What is Well Woman Co.?

Well Woman Co. is a community created to support, encourage, and guide you in your unique relationship with your health and life.

We are women navigating big life challenges and transitions such as marriage, having a baby, balancing work and family, finding meaning and purpose in a new season, a new diagnosis, divorce, loss and more. With monthly virtual and in-person events, we come together to practice radical self-care in a safe, supportive community so that we can meet anxiety and overwhelm with mindfulness and love, reclaim our well-being, and fiercely embody our strength and purpose in our season of life.

Led by Registered Nurses who are also certified as Coaches, as well as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, this community will give you the tools, support, and guidance to dive deep into what it means to be well in today’s complex world. Our Collective offers an opportunity to integrate the loads of information we are inundated with on a daily basis to move from knowing about to actually practicing and embodying real self-care based in self-compassion. 

By coming together, we can collectively explore what works as we discover a new way of living that honors our bodies, our cycles, and our deepest needs.

What you get with your free membership:

  • Access to a unique online space for all of your resources, courses, and connection to other incredible women like you. 
  • Monthly virtual and in-person group offerings facilitated by Board Certified Nurse Coach, Brandie Mitchell, RN, NC-BC and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Jodie Gonzalez.
  • Resources to support you in better sleep, stress resilience, movement, nourishment, and a healthier home environment.
  • Access to holistic coaching through our 8-week Guidance Groups,
    small group coaching with 4 - 6 women to deepen your self-care journey.

Guidance Groups are paid opportunities to uncover your inner strength, make nourishing choices, and feel more connected to yourself alongside other women in a small group coaching experience. 

Together we explore and integrate real self-care through:

  • The Pillars of Wellness - Rest, Nourishment, Movement and Boundaries.
  • Tools for setting boundaries that are empowering- not rigid, limiting, or isolating.
  • Ways to use your innate feminine cycle to access more energy and rest.
  • Skills for strengthening your relationship with your body and your intuition.
  • How to shift your personal narrative and to reclaim your authentic voice as a woman. 

Our community is a safe space to dive into these concepts as you reclaim your well-being, one cycle at a time.

About Your Guide

Hello! I'm here to guide you in discovering your own inner wise woman, to claim your resilience and health, and to embody the confidence that lives underneath the stress and overwhelm of modern womanhood.

Brandie Mitchell, RN, NC-BC, Founder

Who is Well Woman Co. for?

Our community is for anyone who identifies as a woman and is ready to dive deeper into who you really are, heal your relationship with your body, and reclaim your well-being.

It is also for women who:

  • Are in any stage of womanhood.
  • Feel lost amidst the demands and expectations of modern motherhood.
  • Have been diagnosed with thyroid, adrenal, or autoimmune disease (or suspect you have one). 
  • Feel tired, overwhelmed, and anxious too much of the time. 
  • Are in the process of healing from any kind of trauma.
  • Suspect there is a better way, a different rhythm, and are ready to discover it for yourself alongside other women.
  • Have recently had a baby and want guidance and connection to navigate this new season.
  • Are looking for a community of like-minded women. 

Have questions? We'd love to connect. Reach out at [email protected]

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